Y55 = Why Brazil?

Brazil has the fastest growing middle class between the BRICS and increased per capita revenue, meaning bigger market size every day with money in the pockets. Brazilians spend more time on Internet than global average, meaning larger windows of opportunity to catch their atention. Govern has launched multi-billion plans to enhance infrastructure countrywide, meaning sustainable growth.


Y55 is designed to enhance hi-tech startup generation and increase their chance of being successful. Our mission is bring innovation to brazilian startup ecosystem. We are not an incubator or accelerator. We call ourselves a “puzzle solver”, grouping the right pieces together to create a valuable business.


Because it is very difficult to do business alone in Brazil, there is too much bureaucracy and difficulties. Entrepreneurs suffer with lack of seed and angel capital to help launch their new companies. Brazil is also experiencing quickly changings in social-economic demographics. This all together makes the uncertainty inherent to a startup even higher.


First our board select ideas and projects with innovative ways to solve problems. Than we found the one right person to take care of it, someone that have the passion, talent and skills to build it. We give him the right tools, using our partnerships network, that exchange their high quality services to stakes in the new company.


There’s no physical office, as we are don’t incubate/accelerate companies, those costs are expandables. The operation mostly happens online, and we use partners facilities as needed. That’s give as the advantage to have no geographical boundaries, so we can take care of business all around the Globe.


Y55 initiative was launched on april 2013. Since then the founder have visited Silicon Valley and brazilian companies and talented people. All the knowledge gathering was mixed together with experience in corporate world and entrepreneurship activity to design a model that can bring best startup practises to brazilian environment.


Danton Coelho is the pioneer of Y55, bringing in his 16 years of experience in business and technology to the cause. Y55 relies upon precious people to make the business flow, including Lars Batista, Marco Santiago, Andrino Coelho and others, with a total combined experience of more than 100 years!